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Now available at MyHomeFitness, the Wattbike Pro – born out of desire to provide the sport of cycling with an indoor bike that delivered the authentic feel of cycling.

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Now available at MyHomeFitness, the Wattbike Pro

The Wattbike 2013 takes everything that was great about the 2012 model and improves it. Featuring a brand new Performance Computer and handlebars, the Wattbike pro has made some huge steps forward. The new Performance Computer allows you improved connectivity, a users section and an improved workouts and tests section. The new handlebars are more closely modelled on road bike bars and have optional removable armrests for using the tri-bars.

The Wattbike Pro 2013 comes fitted with the Wattbike Performance Computer Model B.

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For the Wattbike ATOM, software, hub and other accessories please visit wattbike.com

The Wattbike Pro has a resistance range of 0-3,760 Watts and broadly has five endurance levels (Air Brake 1-5) and five sprint levels (Air Brake 6-10). The magnetic brake extends the resistance range and is useful for specific training of top sprinters.
If you are a track sprinter the Pro is definitely the bike for you. It is also ideal for Category 3/4 (male) and Category 2 (female) endurance cyclists and triathletes. At this level the Wattbike Pro offers the right combination of cadence and resistance range needed for effective training.

Pro Vs Trainer

There are two Wattbike models to choose from; the Pro and the Trainer

What’s the difference?

Both Wattbikes have the same measurement system, accuracy and monitor and deliver a professional range of cadence (rpm)/power outputs. The only difference is the air resistance range.

The Trainer is low to medium air resistance whilst the Pro is medium to high air resistance. There is an overlap from the Trainer to the Pro at the medium level. Air resistance level 1 on the Pro is the same as air resistance level 5 on the Trainer.

How to choose the right Wattbike for you

The choice is easier to make if your Wattbike is for individual use. If it will be used by family members, young adults/children then the choice invariably will be the Wattbike Trainer as this gives the lower air resistance ranges that will be needed for effective exercise by non-cyclists and children.

The Wattbike Trainer is the preferred model for most people, as they can use the combination of the air brake and the magnetic brake to replicate any desired power to meet practical exercise and training needs.

However key to enjoyment of the Wattbike is ‘it feels like riding a bike’ – this is created by the air resistance and therefore, if you are a powerful cyclist you may need the range of the Pro to achieve this feel. Alternatively if you prefer high cadence (rpm) then the Trainer may be for you.

If the Wattbike is for individual use then the following guidelines may be of use:

A Wattbike Pro is suitable for you if you:

  • Are a male category three cyclist or better
  • Are a female category two cyclist or better
  • Have a maximum minute power of more than 300 Watts
  • Are a male track sprinter (it is also best for most female track sprinters)

For professional users the following guidelines may be of use

You really should consider having at least one Wattbike Trainer and one Wattbike Pro if you:

  • Will be using the Wattbike in a rehabilitation facility
  • Will be using the Wattbike for testing and training of cyclists and triathletes
  • Will be using the Wattbike to test professional sports people
  • Are a sport scientist/clinician and will be testing both sedentary and trained populations
  • Are a gym or health club and want to be able to cater for all your members


Ride feel

The 2013 Wattbike still has the great ride feel of its predecessor. The innovative Real Ride Technology uses a combination of air and magnetic resistance to create the most realistic feeling ride of any indoor bike.


Resistance is created by a combination of an air and magnetic braking system. The braking systems can be adjusted independently of each other to create the desired feel and level of resistance. Adjustments can be made whilst riding and in minute increments to achieve any desired resistance.


The 2013 Wattbike retains its incredible accuracy within 2% across the whole power range making it suitable for medical and scientific testing. It is factory calibrated for life so you can test and train with absolute confidence.

Fully adjustable setup

The unique saddle and handlebar adjustment system has been improved on the 2013 Wattbike to allow riders even more opportunity to generate the perfect bike setup. We have added more range to move the handlebars and saddle forwards and backwards in millimetre accurate increments so you can really fine tune your position on the bike. You can even take the measurements from your own bike and re-create your setup on the Wattbike.

Polar View

The Polar View is a unique tool that allows you to monitor exactly how you distribute power as you pedal. The Polar View graph is displayed on the Performance Computer and is now transmitted as live data on the improved 2013 version so you can improve your pedalling technique, highlight potential muscular imbalances and rehabilitate from injury with never before seen precision. Using the Polar View you can become a faster, smoother, more efficient cyclist.

Performance Computer

The all new Model B Wattbike Performance Computer provides you with even greater feedback than ever before. You can now monitor over 40 parameters including Power, Cadence, heart rate and calories as well as the Polar View and all with incredible accuracy. The data is now delivered for every pedal revolution and new screens allow you to focus even more on your technique. An improved user interface allows you to manipulate the screen to view the information you need for your session.

The monitor has improved opportunity to create your own sessions and now includes pre-programmed fitness tests. You can even create your own unique user profile to help you monitor your training get the most out of every session.

Heart Rate Compatibility

The 2013 Wattbike is compatible with a variety of heart rate monitors including all Garmin, Suunto, Polar and MyZone as well as other ANT and ANT+ devices. Once synchronized, the Performance Computer will remember your heart rate monitor in the settings.

Software compatibility

The Wattbike can be connected to any Windows compatible computer to link with additional Wattbike and partner software. Using a USB cable, attach your Wattbike Performance Computer to your computer to use Wattbike Expert, Wattbike Power Cycling or upload your sessions to Training Peaks. Using the compatible software you will be able to download all your sessions and view your data in far greater details including every pedal revolution via the Polar View. You can then email your sessions to coaches and other athletes and track your progress in incredible detail.

Self Powered

The Wattbike doesn’t need plugging in so you can enjoy your training anywhere. The built in generator will charge the Performance Computer as you pedal.

Example Usage


Ben is in his early 20’s and is a student. Ben is 5’11” and weighs 85kg. Ben plays Rugby at weekends for his local team. Ben goes to the gym a couple of times a week to use the weights and also runs when he has time. Ben would need a Wattbike Pro.


Jamie is in his late 20’s and works computer programmer. Jamie is 5’9” and weighs 75kg. Jamie is just getting back into fitness training after not doing any sport since leaving university and has started playing badminton twice a week with friends. Jamie would need a Wattbike Trainer.


Chloe is in her mid twenties and works as a hairdresser . Chloe is 5’3” and weighs 68kg. Chloe enjoys going to fitness classes with her friends. Chloe would need a Wattbike Trainer.


Alison is in her late 30’s and is a housewife. Alison is 5’5” and weighs 62kg. Alison enjoys swimming with her kids when she gets chance and weekend cycle rides with her family. Alison would need a Wattbike Trainer


Kev is in his mid 40’s and is a self employed plumber. Kev is 5’10” and weighs 95kg. Kev has been told by his GP that he needs to start exercising to lose some weight. Kev would need a Wattbike Pro.


Philip is in his mid 50’s and manages a PR company. Philip is 6’3” and weighs 84kg. Philip cycles regularly and has recently signed up to take part in a London to Paris charity bike ride. Philip would need a Wattbike Pro.


Elaine is in her early 50’s and is a secondary school teacher. Elaine is 5’2” and weighs 55kg. Elaine enjoys walking at weekends and manages one class a week at the local gym. Elaine would need a Wattbike Trainer.

The Griffin family:

The Griffins are a family of 4. Mum, Dad and two children aged 16 and 13. All of the family want to have the chance to train at home. Dad could use a Wattbike Pro but the rest of the family would need to use a Wattbike Trainer. Dad will just have to pedal faster!

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